Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Broken Zipper Blues

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As much as I might like to pretend that I am above trendy and faddish movements within the social world, I am quite the opposite; I eat that stuff up...well, kind of. Being that I am artistic and love self expression as much as the next Andy Warhol-tote carrying hipster (joke), I find myself getting really caught up in social networking sites. I was a huge MySpace buff back in the hay day of the early 21st century and now find myself a frequent user of the all-hailed Facebook. I do love it and I do see the fun/function in it as well. However, I must say that this new movement of Twittering-status-updating madness is simply just not my style. Should I care that you are about to change your pants, butter your toast, or sew a button back on your favorite coat? Nay. And I don't.

Please, can someone explain the Twitter phenomenon to me? I have never used it, don't understand it, and don't care to. Now, as much as I love self disclosure to a certain depth between intimate friends, this is just far too much information. TMI, people, TMI. See, I'm hip to the three letter phrases that seem to offer a truncation for EVERYTHING. LOL, OMG, NVM, LMAO (oops how did that 4th letter sneak in there?)...this is something else I just cannot get behind. We sure have become lazy.

What exactly does "Twitter" come from anyway? Is it supposed to conjure up visions of a bevy of obnoxiously loud squawking birds? I suppose that is very fitting in a way. Really...?

OMG, you have to read this article, I'm so glad someone else shares my sentiments on the matter...

Ok, moving on.

This morning at work my zipper broke. Yes, the zipper on my nice Express dress slacks that I have only owned for a couple of months. Let's just say it's a good thing I sit most of the day. I called Express straight away and got verbal confirmation that I can exchange them without a receipt. The girl on the other end didn't sound the least bit surprised that the zipper busted so soon into owning a pair of pants that I take impeccable care of...they have never even seen the inside of a dryer. Since when did $75 start buying cheaply made crap? Yeah, I guess I should have just gone to Target from the start...

The word of the day (thanks to Stephanie and Dane Cook): Snarky.
Use it.

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  1. I'm not sure how you managed to pull off such a smooth segue from Twitter to zippers, but you've done it quite well. Down with Twitter and down with crappy zippers I say!