Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today, I am thankful.

Today, I am scared.

Today, my insides ache.

Today, I am appreciating old friends while yearning to strengthen relationships with new ones.

Today, I am missing India, even though I didn't think I would.

Today, I am grappling with making an old life new and placing a new life behind me...yet I can't make sense of anything, old or new.

Today, I am overwhelmed at the familiar and underwhelmed at the expected.

Today, I seem to know what I want yet can't figure out how to get there.

Today, I feel a little lost, a little tired, a little disoriented, a little hopeful.


  1. You know, this actually is SUCH an amazing spot to be in. If you really look at it. It can either freak you the hell out, or you can grab on to the promise.

    SO much exciting stuff pending. I feel it. :)

  2. Today, I miss rickshaw rides to McDonalds and ice cream desserts :)