Friday, February 20, 2009


Current soundtrack: the ping ping-ing of 4 elevators

Current wish list soundtrack (or, consequently, the soundtrack in my head): Sarah Vaughn

How radical are good friends? I really love my friends, as they have become an extension of my family. After having flown the proverbial nest nearly 6 years ago, it has become increasingly apparent that friends are my lifeblood, my biggest fans, my biggest support system.

I am thankful for my friends.

This morning one of them said to me (via G-chat) after I asked him if we could all still be friends when we were middle-aged, married, and have children:

"I wouldn't be surprised if your kids were born hippies with tattoos and everything...
a birthmark that says 'one love.' "

This made me laugh. And happy to be grown up. With good friends by my side.

I think what has helped me re-realize that I love my friends so much is in fact another friend of mine, a new friend, who is about to leave for 2 years to join the Peace Corps in South America. Getting to know him recently, I have seen the way in which he truly cherishes his friends and those in his life that have affected him in a positive way. It has been inspiring getting to watch firsthand as he makes a point to recognize those around him and show them appreciation before he leaves for his big adventure. I love to meet people who are good at loving others, it spurs me on to work on loving those in my life to an even greater capacity.

Exactly 3 weeks from tomorrow is my 24th birthday.

This might be the first birthday in my life thus far in which I actually feel...old(ish). Mid-twenties. That means 30 is literally just around the corner. Whew.

I can't wait to see what myself and the people in my life have accomplished in 6 years.

It's exciting to be alive.

Forgive my scattered and piecemeal posting...I am sitting in an uncomfortable office chair at my desk and feeling the need to dwell on how much I appreciate life.


Oh, and...

one love.

PS Brighten your day here. Awesome.

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