Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Year of Betterment

2009 is going to be an expansive year for me. Now that I am a college graduate I am determined to do all those things that fell by the wayside to the old, "I just don't have time while I'm in school" excuse.

Things that are currently taking shape in my mind and/or life:

1. Volunteering - I am looking into a couple different organizations in which to begin some semi-intensive volunteer work. Considering my dream would be to get a Masters Degree in Social Justice and Human Rights, I need to be well versed in the way of the NPO/NGO in order to even be considered for admission to a program since my undergrad was in, well, photography...and most decidedly unrelated (at least in academics, though not in my head). I am mainly looking into anti-slavery organizations, specifically Free the Slaves (FTS) and the Not for Sale Campaign. I have a good friend who works for FTS so I'm inclined to get in touch with them first.

2. Books - Insane amounts of books. I have started a list of books to read, it is steadily growing each day as I talk to more and more people about what they are reading and why. At the top of my list comes The Soloist by Steve Lopez, I have heard this is a must read, especially since they are releasing it as a movie this year. Up next I am going to attempt to read Disposable People by Kevin Bales who is the founder of Free the Slaves. I have been advised that it is an incredibly disturbing and intense book but I am feeling the strong desire to try and get through it since my heart lies so deeply in the issue of modern slavery. I figure someone's gotta read it and do something about it. Other books on my list include Dan Brown's Angels and Demons (I loved the Da Vinci Code) and Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes. I am proud to say I am off to obtain a new library card after work today...it's the first one I will have had since I was literally about 10 years old; I am probably irrationally excited about it.

What's everyone reading? I am looking to add to my list, suggestions welcome!

3. Films - I have always loved films but have definitely fallen behind on what's current. I put my Netflix account on hold the last month while I was tight on finances but I am planning on starting it up again very soon. My list of movies is even longer than my book list...which I guess makes sense considering I can watch a film in a lot shorter amount of time than I can read a book. At the top of my film list is definitely Slum Dog Millionaire...even more so now that it took the Oscar for best picture last night. Otherwise I am especially interested in foreign and indie films, suggestions welcome here too.

4. Other - Ha. I know this is general but I am looking to expand myself in as many ways as possible. I already read a lot of news, NPR and Fox News on a daily basis and I am looking to continually saturate my mind even more with tasty tidbits of information. Thanks to my friend Chris, I will soon be spending lots of time on a really cool website for a project called Story Corps. Also, if anyone knows of any awesome gallery showings, art exhibits, or musical events, drop me a line!

I am excited to become a more brilliant person.

Anyone who wants to join me on my quest for self-betterment, please inquire, I would love buddies in this journey.

Peace, love, and knowledge.

Food for thought: what does everyone think of book clubs? Am I too nerdy for my own good?

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  1. i have a friend that went to cambodia with not for sale...she goes to apu...i can try to get u in contact with her if ud like...love!!!