Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just another day in paradise...

I have resigned myself to being the kind of blogger that writes something everyday. I happen to find myself in a time in life where I am digesting a lot and forming so much regarding my thoughts and outlook on life. I guess you could say my worldview is really changing and growing all the time and I need an outlet for my processing. It helps me to know someone, somewhere is reading my meanderings...just don't tell me if you're bored or annoyed by the quality/quantity of my postings, let me happily live in my fantasy blog universe. My gosh, am I that insane? Yes. It appears I am.

And I work a very boring job to boot.

Welcome to yet another day in corporate America.

9:26am: Talking to Jer on gchat. I just finished a cup of coffee...I never drink coffee. I'm not sure what possessed me on that front, I have just been a bit all over the place these last few days.

9:39am: One of our clients just gave me an awesome tomato cucumber salad with olive oil because he made a last minute lunch appointment. Um, sweet. Gotta love free homemade food.

9:56am: I have decided that elevators are officially the most awkward places ever. The ones here are especially weird...they are completely reflective inside, the back of the doors are like mirrors. People try especially hard to avoid eye contact but you almost can't help it. Then say someone decides to chat with you (which happens fairly infrequently), you are then forced to make the awkward decision of either turning to talk to them or talking to their reflection. Quite the conundrum. Why are people so antisocial? At least they are in elevators. Sometimes just to pour salt in an already wounded situation, I will say, "have a nice day!" to the innocent bystanders when I exit the elevator, making it that much more awkward that nobody said anything to one another for the entirety of the ride. Muahaha.

Good thing I only work on the 3rd floor. Short rides up and down. Heh.

10:10am: I am reminding myself to catch the State of the Union address tonight at 9pm while partaking in my daily NPR readings. Ohh that reminds me that upon a successful visit to the public library last night I picked up a biography on Obama. That should be interesting, I will let you know how that pans out.

10:27am: Sometimes people who call on the phone are extremely dense. Since I am the receptionist for corporate suites, I answer calls for tons of companies. I am not supposed to tell callers that the company they are calling for is located in corporate suites and that I am merely an unrelated receptionist...guess they figure it will ruin the magic or something...apparently I now work at Disnelyland...anyway, sometimes people are really upset that whomever they are attempting to reach has not gotten in touch with them and they therefore feel the need to take it out on me. A guy just called pleading for me to find the man he needed to talk to and hand deliver a message. The issue here is the company that said man works for is not physically in the office, it's a virtual office; in other words I have never even met this man let alone seen him in the flesh. No matter what I said to this frantic caller, he did not seem to understand that I could not get a message to this man. He didn't want to leave another voicemail. What the heck can I do? Without trying to spoil the "magic" of the situation I just tried to assure Mr. Frantic that his voicemail would be returned soon. Let's hope I don't spend my day making false promises to weary callers. Ah well.

11:26am: Currently pondering the ethics of in vetro fertilization. I just read an article about how the lady who had octuplets has now been reduced to a punchline. Hmm, she kinda had that coming...and I do think what she did was insanely irresponsible. Eh, enough about that. On to logging packages...ooooh, fun.

11:43am: Hunger pains creeping in...
Feeeed me.
Caffeine buzz.

Son of a gun, someone get me a new life, pronto. How pathetic is it that the highlight of my day is getting home to my sweatpants and a good book? Sniffle.
It's always nice when you make a decent witticism and the person present merely looks at you in confusion rather than laughing. Perhaps my wit is just too far advanced for the average intelligence.

11:51am: Online Scrabble. Always good to keep the vocabulary sharp and up to date. Indubitably.

1:11pm: Make a wish! Returned from lunch...it was interesting. I ate my delicious tomato and cucumber salad. I sat listening to people talk, I really like eavesdropping...more than I should. I also read more of the book Disposable People, whew, that sure is a downer but it is full of really good information regrading modern slavery. People really need to know how this worldwide epidemic is spreading and what each one of us can do to stop it. More on that later.

1:49pm: Welcome to the afternoon lull. I am about as uninspired as this blog posting.

3:28pm: Just finished a cup of jasmine green tea...apparently I am trying to induce death by caffeine overdose. I also just discovered a new and faster way to get to work from my house. Huh. I feel a bit silly that it's taken me 2 weeks to figure that out. I am regretting my choice of shoes this morning...cute black wedge peep toe heels...but kind of ridiculously uncomfortable. You know your heels are especially uncomfortable when you are sitting in a chair all day and they still hurt your feet. That's what I get for going with the Payless special.

I am such a fan of using italics for emphasis...AND the always wonderful, ever-useful ellipsis...

I'm not a fan of over using emoticons...even that term makes me feel funny. :P just kidding.

3:35pm: With 1 hour and 25 minutes to go until I am free for the day, I am going to do the universe a favor and end this posting now. Those of you who are still (miraculously) with me, thank you for your visit...and I promise this will not happen every day.

As Apu would say, thank you, come again.

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