Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Long Division

I kind of just don't want to deal with today. At all.

The corporate big wigs are coming to pay us a little visit at some point to tell us everything we are doing wrong. I can't listen to music, as I have very much gotten into the habit of doing, and that is weirdly upsetting. It's like it offers me a piece of solace in my bleak reality...and today it's just me having to face my bleak reality with no silver lining.

The phone is barely ringing and it's freezing cold in here. I don't have a sweater. I can't seem to wake up rested these days. I feel like I have nearly been sleeping through the night, but I will get a full 8 hours of sleep and still be really tired all day. I think it has something to so with the recent onset of my back problems...and I'm not convinced my chiropractor is helping the situation all that much. Due to said back problems I am unable to run or exercise very much which I think is also adding to my low energy state and slight, perpetual grumpiness.

I think the truth is I am in a slump following a really intensely social weekend. That happens to me sometimes, I need a break after so much activity and intense interaction. I think I am feeling a slump for other reasons as well but those seem magnified by the fact that I am tired and a little off. I think just getting through this week will be a good thing. I just have some annoying and slightly stressful situations to deal with...including dealing with a car accident I got into a week ago. It wasn't that bad by any means but I was rear ended while my head was to the side and craning to look ahead of the car in front of was apparently just enough to give me whip lash. I had a bad headache and intense pain within about 15 minutes after getting hit. It was a weird and freak thing. Now I am in a mini battle with the girl who hit me...she refused to give me her insurance info at the scene, she said she wanted the quote first so she could pay out of pocket for everything...and stupidly I didn't push her into it or call the cops, which probably would have made more sense but I was a bit stunned and had never been in an accident before. Now if she doesn't respond to me I will have to go after her through my insurance company by having them contact the DMV. It could potentially be messy, though I'm hoping it won't turn out that way. Luckily, at least my bases are covered on all fronts, I have her license info as well as witnessess should a legal battle ensue. On top of all that loveliness, I am in a bit of a battle with Cal State Fullerton trying to get them to sign off on and post my degree...there was some sort of clerical error involving a class they had canceled that I had to replace with another class...and now not everything matches up. It's just one of those little details that is rather important but a bit of a headache to deal with.

Sorry about griping so much, it just feels like one of those weeks for me. Plus, I am bored at work and sitting in an uncomfortable chair with back pain...and really have nothing else to do than get a little complaining out in hopes of feeling better about everything soon.

I think I need a nap. The world always feels like a much better place after a nap...

...and a piece of cake. Mmm.

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