Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear God, please remove my uterus now.

So, I considered trying to sneak listening to Pandora while working today but I decided in general that is just too risky. Luckily, though, the day is flying by...one good thing about the time change. In general I feel rather thrown off and waking up in the morning, well, forget about it. I was beyond tired this morning and was dreading having to get out from underneath my comfy and warm covers. I am quite looking forward to it staying light a lot later in the evenings; this makes all the difference considering I get off work at 5 and will now have a couple of hours of daylight left to enjoy.

Considering I am starting to train for another race the daylight is crucial to being able to go running after work. I decided that I am going to just keep signing up for different races as a way to force myself to keep up on my running. I do love to run once I get into it but I have to say I have definitely fallen out of the groove recently. I have a 10k lined up for the first weekend in April in Arizona, I am making my friend Tracy run that one with me. I am also tentatively planning on running a 10k memorial day weekend in Boulder, Colorado AND I definitely want to run the Santa Cruz Wharf to Wharf in July this year (I think that one is also a 10k).

I have horrible cramps today. Can I say that? I just did. And it's my blog. I can say what I want. So, that's that. I feel a bit like death and am so medicated I can hardly keep my eyes open. And I am supposed to run tonight. Yeah, right. I am thinking I will forgo the running in favor of a light workout at the gym and a long visit to the steam room to sweat everything out of my system. Ugh.

More later. I am in too much pain to think anymore.

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