Monday, March 2, 2009

Birds, bikes, burns, and beer.

Current soundtrack: Madeline Peyroux

I am sunburned, sleepy, a bit sore, and extremely happy.

Sara came to visit me in Newport this weekend and we had lots of wonderful adventures. We spent most of our time clad in summer attire on our bicycles riding all around the Newport Peninsula and visiting Balboa Island. It was a perfect 77 degrees with a fresh ocean breeze in the air...and we ate up every minute of it.

One of my personal weekend highlights involves this...

my brand new beach cruiser, affectionately known as The Big Green.

She's a beauty and rides as smooth as butter on a hot biscuit.

I am personally a huge fan of my wicker basket on the front, that thing is super duper handy.

Another fun detail to the weekend was the arrival of our 2 baby doves. We have had a pair of doves (which mate for life) that have apparently nested on our patio for 3 consecutive seasons. We watched them build a nest and scope things out until one day the female was sitting in the nest and hardly ever left. We assumed she must have laid her eggs. For the last couple of weeks she sat there day and night patiently while the male would pop in once in a while to relieve her of sitting duties long enough for her to get some food. This morning when I walked outside I noticed the nest looked seemingly empty. Fearing the worst, I climbed on to one of our adirondack chairs and peeked over the side of the nest (which is inside a mounted terra cotta pot) and was surprised to see this...

From what we could figure they must have hatched some point through the night or early I took this picture only a matter of hours after they hatched. And don't worry, though the mother was gone when I found the babies, she returned shortly with food and stayed comfortably in the nest thereafter.

Such a rad little gift of nature we get to enjoy.

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