Friday, March 6, 2009

Take Two

I am on a quest to lose 5 (ish) pounds.

I don't like to diet really but I am going to cut out some things that I eat too much of...

namely soda, refined sugar, and fried foods.

I already don't eat a high fat content in my diet considering I am a vegetarian, but I do love my carbohydrates a little too much.

I just came off a crazy fitness high while I was training for my half marathon but during the last month since my race I have only run 2-3 days after which I did myself a nasty injury to the tendon in my foot. I have since healed...and since stopped running. I just got back to going to the gym and I hope that, coupled with making better food choices, will do the trick. I went down a size to a 4 and to 128 pounds (look at me being so open!) while I was running and now I feel like I'm barely squeezing into my pants. The truth is I don't own a scale right now so I have no idea how much weight I have gained...but sometimes it's best for me to not obsess over the number and instead go by how I feel and how my clothes fit. I can't afford to buy new clothes so I better fit into what I already own!

Welcome to my afternoon lull. I have too much time on my hands to just sit here at work and think about losing 5 pounds.

Other things to think about:

Dinner. I'm thinking grilled salmon on a spinach salad with feta, cucumbers, and avocado...and a glass of chilled white zin on the side. Any takers? Come over for dinner!

Laundry. I really need to wash some clothes. And vacuum my bedroom. And dust. And finish my book. There are just not enough hours in my day. I can't wait for this weekend...I have nothing planned at all, I think that's the first weekend I have had free since I moved to Newport. Ok, I take that back, I do have a haircut this weekend up in LA so I will be driving up there which takes a while but I freaking love my stylist too much to part with him, he performs magic with my hair.

Prop 8. The California Supreme Court today is hearing the challenges to the legislature that was passed in November. I would rather not state my opinion on the matter at the moment, but I will say that I am very interested on hearing the outcome of things.

My head. I have a headache.

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