Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ra Ra Riot at Detroit Bar

Current soundtrack: Ra Ra Riot, The Rhumb Line

Despite my 10 (count 'em, 10) hour work day, I decided last minute to go see Ra Ra Riot play tonight after I had decided not to go in anticipation of being too tired.

I am very glad I went.

Detroit Bar is nothing but the quintessential trendy scenester hang out. Featuring low lighting, mod decor, old movies playing on retro TV screens, and all the best in the way of classic wannabe dive bar delights, I felt right at home. I made it in time to catch the end of the second band, Cut Off Your Hands, who were toe-taping worthy, albeit a bit sloppy. Overall nothing to write home about. Since I went alone, I had plenty of opportunity to people watch, one of my favorite hobbies. There was no shortage of pretty-faced boys with soft features and even softer hair dancing across their eyes, and large-purse toting, skinny jean clad, slip-on flat wearing girls. I laughed at the predictable fashions and the all too familiar Urban Outfitter catalog feel...and I couldn't get enough of it. Call me a trendy, mismatching, hipster, but I was happy nonetheless.

If the slip-on flat shoe fits...

Ra Ra Riot kicked my ass. I honestly love large bands with tons of energy... and this 6 piece rocking ensemble really brought down the house. They play nearly as tight live as they do in the studio which stands to vouch for their true musical know-how. Frankly, I would venture to say it is really the cellist and the violinist that keep the band at a notch above the rest while giving them their signature sound. The violinist was fun to watch, she literally danced in a sort of riverdance-esque sort of way while seriously ripping it up on the violin. The cellist was mesmerizingly beautiful and exotic (not a straight male eye in the house didn't notice). She was feeling everything she played with her whole body. I became increasingly envious of her whole aura as I watched. I decided that if I ever were to master an instrument and play in a band, a cello would be my weapon of choice.

The beautiful harmonies of the strings and the bouncing, catchy melodies of the guitar made everyone want to dance, you wouldn't have been able to help it, it's just that kind of music. The song Ghost Under Rocks is a pulsing, driven tune wrapped in a haunting harmony of background 'oohs'...it was quite trance-like listening to it live...it completely overtook me and I found myself with my eyes shut feeling every minute of it. Nothing beats the thumping of the bass resonating through your bones because the volume from the PAs is so overwhelming. That's what I love so much about seeing bands live, it is a completely different sensory experience than turning on your iPod.

I was more than a little overjoyed to hear the lead singer announce that they would be back in town in April...opening for none other than one of my all-time favorite bands, Death Cab for Cutie. Yes, please. Can't wait for that one.

I suppose I need to reconcile the fact that I have to wake up in a matter of hours to continue on in the real world of full time jobs and bills.

But I am ever-grateful for my soul-satisfying musical experience.

It was more than enough to tide me over until Saturday's show including Dawes (whom I hear are nearly life changing) and the always radical Delta Spirit.


Afterthought: I wonder if anyone ever actually reads what I write here...? Hmm. Ah well, I will still write, no matter the audience. Au revoir.

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  1. I'm so goiing to death cab with you in april! Seriously...